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If You Are Interested in Afterlife Connections

The first phase of research to develop the procedure that allows people to connect with loved ones in the afterlife is finished. The procedure is now available for anyone to use who meets the conditions described with the procedure. This is the link to the procedure:

Self-guided Afterlife Connections


Self-guided Higher Self Connections Research

When a person is in a coma, paralyzed, mentally retarded, or suffering from a malady such as brain damage or Alzheimer's, it may appear that the person's mind or consciousnessness is damaged. However, people have been able to contact the person's Higher Self through mental mediums and the Induced After Death Communication procedure. The Higher Self or Eternal Self that is the real person is whole, healthy, and lucide. The limitations put on it by the physical body in Earth school may preclude it from communicating on the physical plane.

This research is an attempt to develop procedures we can use to contact the Higher Self of someone unable to communicate using the body and communicate with the person.

To develop the procedures, we are asking for volunteers who would like to go through one or more of the training programs in self-guided Higher Self connections we will be developing. As you go through the training, you will give us feedback about how the method you are using is working for you. We can then adjust the methods to refine the procedures. When the protocol is finalized, all of humankind will have free access to it. We then will teach people how to use the procedures.


Timing for Beginning the Research

The guided meditations we will be using in the research are now being developed. We hope to start the research in January 2013. If you have a loved one who is unable to communicate because of coma, paralysis, mental retardation, a malady such as brain damage or Alzheimer's, or some other condition, please check this website to see when the research begins.


The Center for Spiritual Understanding

The Center for Spiritual Understanding has a structure rather like a functioning research/teaching hospital. As people connect with their loved ones, we study the connections and work at trying to enhance them. We link professionals such as counselors to training resources so they can use the procedures we are learning about with clients. The primary example today is the Center's efforts to inform psychotherapists about Guided Higher Self Connections and link them with the trainers who will teach them how to facilitate the procedure.

The focus of Center activities is always, foremost, on the individual person and the sanctity of the connections with loved ones. You are striving to have an experience that will be uplifting and life-changing for you and for them. We honor the sanctity of that sacred experience.

Everything done at the Center for Spiritual Understanding belongs to humankind. We charge nothing for the procedures such as the Self-guided Higher Self Connections procedure. There must be a charge for the time of professionals such as counselors who are making a living through their professional activities. Other than that, the Center functions using donations.


What to Expect

Not everyone will be able to make the connection through these methods. We aren't sure yet who will be able to connect or the conditions under which the connection can occur. The first step in the research will be to attempt to make a connection of some kind. We will then expand on that to make the connection clearer.

The procedure isn't simply a one-time experience. It is intended to teach people how to make the connections and enhance their experience by learning to become better at using it. As such, the process of learning to use the procedure is a training program. It may take weeks or months. You will have to be patient with the process and have the conviction that your loved one's real self is the Higher Self, that is vital, lucid, intelligent, and able to communicate with you, with no impediments. It may take a long time to get get the conditions right to have a meeting of the minds. Be patient.

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